Sexual Health in the Military

Health and fitness are important for everyone, of course. But for active duty members of the military, staying healthy and physically fit is not just important for your life—it’s part of your job. So you exercise, eat well, and prioritize your physical health. Hopefully you’re mindful about you mental health and relationships as well. But what about your sexual health?

You may know this, but they are all related. Sexual health is an important part of your overall wellbeing—it has an impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. Taking care of your sexual health can prevent possibly serious health problems—affecting your life and you ability to serve. That’s why it’s important to make sexual health care part of your regular healthcare routine.

Sex educator Shan Boodram shares real stories submitted by several young members of the military on dating, STDs, unintended pregnancy, and managing sexual health care in the service.

Going Further

Check out these resources, both from the military and other sources, to find reliable information on sexual health and STI prevention.