Sexual Functioning

An important part of overall sexual health is healthy sexual functioning—being able to experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction when desired. But sexual problems that interfere with healthy sexual function—like erectile dysfunction in men or vaginal dryness in women—are not uncommon, and can have either psychological or physical causes. And when there are sexual difficulties in a relationship, no matter which parter experiences them, both parters are affected.

Going Further

Sexual Difficulties: While occasional sexual problems are common in both and men and women, if sexual difficulties are more than occasional, when they are persistent and upsetting and interfere with a healthy sex life, it is time to talk to a healthcare professional. The good news about sexual difficulties is that there are solutions. Sometimes, medication might be the answer. In other cases, therapy may be the right approach. What is important is to find the help you need to have a satisfying sex life. Learn more about sexual difficulties in men and in women, and how they can be managed.